Building Science Corporation

Location :

Old Colony Redevelopment

BSC Role:

The Old Colony public housing project underwent a major redevelopment that replaced 1940s-era brick low-rise housing units with new mid-rise and townhome apartments as well as a community center. As part of an integrated design and construction team, BSC provided consulting services on the durability, energy efficiency, and constructability of the building enclosure, beginning at the earliest stages of design. This included participation in design charrettes that established building enclosure goals and determined the particular assemblies that would meet those goals. BSC also performed several iterative detailed design reviews on the plan sets, assessing details in terms of their energy performance and durability. BSC highlighted specific problematic details and proposed alternate approaches to reduce risk of moisture related failure and increase energy performance. BSC conducted training for various trades and also performed site visits to review in-progress installations and the implementation of the most critical details.

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