Building Science Corporation

Location :

1000 Grand

BSC Role:

1000 Grand is a seven-story mixed use building designed by TCA Architects with 275 rental units and 12,000 square feet of retail at the southeast corner of Olympic and Grand Streets in Downtown Los Angeles’ South Park neighborhood.

Over the course of work on 1000 Grand as well as previous projects in multiple climate zones with the same developer, Hanover, Building Science Corporation has established specific design standards so that the developer has a consistent strategy for mitigating the risk of moisture related failures of the building enclosure across multiple projects with different architects, contractors and project teams.

These risk mitigating design standards include typical approaches to common areas of potential failures including roofs, balconies, pool decks, terraces, windows and storefronts and changes in cladding types, which at 1000 Grand included stucco, metal panel, brick and stone tile.

At 1000 Grand, BSC performed multiple design drawing reviews during the design phase to assist the architect in applying those risk mitigating design strategies required of the developer. BSC provided three-dimensional drawings showing the layering of materials and installation sequencing of the most critical details. BSC remained on board throughout construction to observe the installation of important systems and details and to provide recommendations in resolving challenging conditions that had not been anticipated during the design phase

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